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Olaf Hajek (DE)

Better Lübbert (DK)
april 12, 2018
Dario Molinaro (IT)
april 11, 2018

Olaf Hajek

(Foggia, Italien 1985)

At first sight the Olaf Hajeks artwork enchant the viewer with the densely told mystery of filigree painting. Hajeks art evokes feeling of findings out of old field books and a scenery of ancient times. Yet the paintings are far more than mere surface and reach deeply. Entirely in the tradition of Andrè Bretons Le Surréalisme et la Peinture Olaf Hajek forms a mystical dreamworld likewise the amazing painter Andrè Masson. His Oevre refers incessantly to the disclosure of the secrets of the human spirit. A recurrent motiv in this series of Jäger und Sammler is the mask as a symbol of concealing and revelation. Playing with the metaphor of the interior and exterior opens an endless possibility of variations. Once again it reveals the complexity of his composition and relatedness to the surrealists. The paintings of Olaf Hajek with their very elegant and classical look and feel come to life while watching them and reveal something hidden in all of us. Mostly arranged with an abundance of details those at the same time so familiar as at the same time exotic sceneries woo us into their spell. They entrap us to take a closer look and want us to get lost in this enchanted cosmos to initiate a journey into the unknown. A journey into ourselves and the mystery of our very own imagination – our desires, our dreams and the forgotten worlds..